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Letting Go - July 2010 | An original abstract art painting by Paula Boss

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A Collection of Modern Non-Objective and Abstract Art Works
by Paula Boss

What the hell is that???!     Is a question that I'm sure many people ask themselves when looking at non-objective and abstract art.

I like the way that Ronald H. Silverman, Ed.D.,Professor Emeritus of Art, California State University, Los Angeles puts it on his website, "Learning About Art".  He defines non-objective as, "a type of art that evokes responses to surface qualities which do not allude, in any way, to recognizable objects or events (the opposite of naturalism)." and abstraction as, "a device in art which alters or simplifies reality (nature) to facilitate the expressive purposes of the artist." (1)

Or in my words, abstract art = "reality messed with" and non-objective art = "making something out of nothing".

Whatever your reaction or critique is to the art I have created, know that I'm okay with it. I've had a great experience creating it and will continue to do what I can to contribute to the beauty in this world.

(1) Silverman,Ronald H. "Glossary of Art Terms." Learning About Art.  Sept. 2002.  Web.  Mar. 25 2011.

My Abstract Art Paintings - 'The Lace Chronicles #7' and 'The Lace Chronicles #8' in Private Collection


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