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"Thirty Three Hundred Light Years From Earth" July 2009

Hubble Photograph of the Cats Eye NebulaStill feeling inspired by the Hubble Telescope photographs, I decided to attempt another celestial painting. This time of the Cats Eye Nebula. I cropped in on the Hubble photo, got out my oil pastels and went to work. With the painting just about complete, everything being done except for the rays that emanated from nebula, a foreboding feeling swept over me. The realization came to me that the laying down the rays was either going to work or be a complete disaster and ruin the entire painting. With apprehension I bit the bullet, keeping my fingers crossed that my plan of how to create the rays would work.

The painting was named, "Thirty Three Hundred Light Years From Earth" because thatís how far the Cats Eye Nebula is from us.