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"Bosom Buddies" Nov. 28, 2005

My Twist N' Turn BarbieIt must have been sometime in the late summer or fall of 2003 that my niece Carol Jane gave me a wonderful gift. We were sitting in her kitchen in Calgary, her twin girls, Amy and Paige, now eight years old had brought down to the family room an old small suitcase full of doll clothes and Barbie’s to play with. Carol Jane went over, picked up one of the Barbie dolls out of the suitcase, brought it over to me and said, "Here Paula, this is yours.". Turns out that mine and my sisters Barbie dolls had been handed down to her by my mother and she still had them. She gave back to me the only Barbie doll I had ever owned…the Barbie doll from my childhood.

I was curious about the doll. She was old, quite old, so when I returned home to Shawnigan Lake I turned to the internet to see what I could find out about her. I discovered that she was a 1967 Twist `N Turn Barbie Doll.

What I also discovered during my search was the vast world of Doll Collecting but more importantly, for this story, the world of OOAK Fashion Doll Repaints. The Dolls were just beautiful, the faces, the hair, the clothes….oh my! My background in the fashion world made everything about the ooak fashion repaint dolls appealing to me. I had found a new hobby.

Ms. Veronica Wood.Once I complete a doll, it is time for her photo session…this part is just so much fun!

The inspiration for this painting comes from a photograph taken during the photo session of Ms. Veronica Wood, a OOAK Fashion Doll Repaint by me.

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