A Canadian abstract artist living and loving in Toronto, ON Canada

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"Celestial Meanderings" June 2009

Sometimes a painting starts down a particular path… and as you travel down the path, you find you don’t like where it‘s heading, so your only choice is to veer off that path and head in a different direction. That’s the story behind this painting. I had a vague idea about the type of painting I wanted to do but things weren’t going so well. Still trying to get a handle on the watercolor medium, I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. So I abandoned my original idea and decided to try a pouring technique that I had read about. This painting taught me a lot about how to control the sometimes wild and unruly world of watercolor painting.

The name, "Celestial Meanderings" came to me when I was pondering the painting and looking at it from a distance. It made me feel like I was looking into deep space and before me was this beautiful and awe inspiring celestial vista.