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"Grease Lightning" Aug. 2008

The original photoThis painting probably has the most unique and improbable story. I had baked lamb shoulder chops with Garlic, Rosemary and Thyme for dinner the previous evening and hadn’t gotten to the dishes. So here I was the next morning doing last nights dishes. UGH! To bake the lamb chops I had lined a clear Pyrex baking dish with tin foil that was lightly oiled so the chops wouldn’t stick. But…the chops still stuck somewhat and the foil had ripped. Grease from the chops had seeped under the foil and hardened onto the Pyrex baking pan. When I peeled off the foil, the grease had left a really interesting design on the baking dish. I grabbed the black surfaced non-stick frying pan from the top of the stove that still needed washing, balanced the clear Pyrex baking dish on top of it and photographed the design made by the hardened grease from above.

To the right is the original photo printed and prepped for drawing.