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"The Emergance" 2008

The photoshop photo which was the inspiration for this paintingI enjoy photography as well as painting and use my camera and Adobe Photoshop; I guess you could say, as my sketch book. I like the ability to capture and then manipulate the image into a finished idea for a painting.

"The Emergance" started from a photograph taken of a Christmas floral arrangement I had made for my sister-in-law to sell at the local Christmas Chaos Fair that is held annually in Duncan, BC. At the end of the fair, there were a few arrangements left over and this one got to come home with me! Within that image, at the bottom of the vase, was a composition of elements that caught my eye….this beautiful turquoise light emerging from the darkness that surrounded it.

Another factor in the creation of this painting was my choice of medium and support. Oil Pastels had been in my thoughts. My experience using them in the creation of the painting, "The Coffee Cup" had been a good one. I did some online research into the medium and decided to start with a set of Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastels. They weren’t the best oil pastels on the market but neither were they the worst…a good place for me to start. Much thanks to the incredible oil pastel artist, Sarah Theophilus, whose advice and thoughts on the medium, which she so kindly gives on her website, was instrumental in my choices. Thank you Sarah!

This painting has come to represent to me, hope. That out of a deep darkness something beautiful can still emerge. Hence the title of the painting.

When writing the title on the back of the painting I misspelt the word emergence but decided to leave it the way I had incorrectly written it…just because.

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