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"The Lace Chronicles #1 thru #5" Aug. 2009

One afternoon my sister and I went over to my sister-in-law’s to spend the afternoon. When we got there, my sister-in-law was in the middle of going through all of her fabrics from her craft room, trying to decide what she wanted to keep, what she wanted to sell, and what she wanted to give away. There was fabric strewn about everywhere. She could have opened her own fabric store if she wanted to! As we sat drinking tea and going through the fabrics, my sister-in-law said that if I saw anything I liked, I was welcome to take it.

The Sleeve from my sister-in-lawSo I picked out some fabrics and trims that had interesting textures which I thought would work well with a watercolor painting technique I had read about. The oddest thing I brought home with me that day was a pair of sleeves. My sister-in-law had removed them from a garment she had made and they were heading to the throw away pile but I really liked the fabric they were made with and threw them into my pile of goodies instead. That fabric became the inspiration for the color palette of The Lace Chronicles #1.

With each painting I tried a different color palette. First of all, the muted palette of the sleeves fabric, then, a few of my favourite color combinations, and lastly, The Lace Chronicles #5 color palette came from the combination of flowers that were growing on my deck at the time.

When I was modelling, some photographers used to print their photographs with a rough, irregular border. I always liked the added dimension that the border gave to the images so I used that design element in the creation of these painting.

The paintings were not named until I had completed five of them. When contemplating the paintings it dawned on me that with each successive painting the aesthetic and technique had developed. The five paintings were in fact a chronicle of that artistic development.

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