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"The Path Less Travelled" Nov. 03, 2005

My story as an artist begins with this painting. Well…sort of. There is a back history of dabbling and trying my hand but this painting, "The Path Less Followed" was the intentional beginning upon my embarkment into producing a body of work as an artist. I’d been thinking about the direction that my life was heading and contemplating where I wanted it to go. I wanted to pursue art…to transition from a Hair & Makeup Artist to just plain Artist.

I dragged out some Stevenson acrylic paints and paint brushes that had once belonged to an old roommate of mine, Lan Lamon. Somehow I had ended up with them and had been lugging them around with me for years. I set up an easel in my kitchen in Shawnigan Lake and pulled out an unfinished canvas of a painting I had started a few years before during a visit with my mother who was an artist. I no longer had the forest picture which originally was the inspiration for the painting I started so I decided to paint over the entire thing and start fresh.

I attempted to paint a still life scene of a tea cup. And oh my….it all went so horribly wrong! Wrong! WRONG! In my frustration I took some paint and threw it over my truly terrible attempt and my pallet knife and thrashed at the canvas angrily, pulling and pushing the paint. Out of that complete and total hissy fit, "The Path Less Travelled" was created. Upon stepping back and looking at what had transpired upon the canvas, I saw a forest, a different forest than what was originally laid down but a forest none the less, with a path to follow.

I had found my path…my journey… into the world of art.

On the back of this painting I wrote the following thoughts.

"Happiness in life can be a simple matter of perspective. You can choose to see nothing or you can choose to see the smallest of blessings on your life’s journey. Which path do you think will lead you to happiness?"

Paula Boss