A Canadian abstract artist living and loving in Toronto, ON Canada

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"Unexpected Pleasantries" 2008

My Holbein Oil Pastel Set and Sennelier Oil Pastels"Unexpected Pleasantries" had a humble beginning. Something unexpectedly beautiful was born out of the ordinary and mundane routine of daily life. This is how this painting got its name. Who would figure that what started as a chore, cleaning up your kitchen, would end up as a work of art. But that day, there were colourful silk flowers and a pair of earrings that I had made lying on my kitchen island that needed to be put away. As I gathered everything together, the sunlight streaming from the skylight in the kitchen shone upon the pile of flowers and illuminated the red glass bead earrings. I grabbed my digital camera, a Canon Powershot A30, which I had gotten through a Royal Bank Rewards Program and started snapping away.

Armed with my photo and my new oil pastels, a 40 piece set of Holbein Oil Pastels and some individual Sennelier Oil Pastels which I invested in after being pleased with the outcome of, "The Emergance", I went to work.