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"Universal Appeal" June 2009

Slide of the Swan Nebula from the Hubble Power Point PresentationThe creation and naming of the painting, "Celestial Meanderings" triggered in me a memory of being sent a Power Point Presentation of photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Onto my computer I went to see if I still had a copy of the presentation. I was happy to discover that I hadn’t deleted it. The pictures from the Hubble Telescope are truly magnificent. Not only in the respect that they are visually stunning but also, for me, the feelings of wonderment and awe they inspire. Those feelings reach deep down into the core of my very being and resonates within me that God does exist.

One of the pictures in the Power Point Presentation was of a fragment of the Swan Nebula that is 5500 light years away from earth. The colors and the fluid lines in the photograph entranced me. And I wondered…can I capture this beauty? Maybe it was a little conceited of me to even try and to especially try it using watercolors but try I did.